Youth Justice

Join Anali Reyes, Santy Hernandez, and Javier Vicuna to talk with our special guest, Don Carney, about the organization of Youth Transforming Justice. Don Carney is a Youth Court director at YMC and he works with the youth. The goal of this organization is to end the school-to-prison pipeline.

On the show, you will learn how this organization developed and when it started. Our guest will also mention some negative effects that happen when there are no organizations similar to YTJ.  An example of a negative effect is youth having digital footprints in their record. 

Youth have so much potential and they should not be discouraged. Youths’ mistakes should not label them for the rest of their lives. Labeling those mistakes can make youth internalize that label and act that way.

There is so much you can learn on this show and how to help other youths. You can know how volunteers have helped in YTJ and how you can participate as well. We are honored that our guest was able to talk more about this work that has been helping many students and youth adults.

We hope you enjoy the show and learned something new.

If you guys have any topics that you would like us to discuss, let us know.