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Cuerpo Corazon Communidad

Health and wellness for body, heart, and community.

Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad (Body, Heart, Community) is a weekly radio and online show in Spanish hosted by Brenda Camarena. The show addresses a number of topics related to personal health and well-being, including substance use, managing stress, domestic violence, trauma and other related topics. Community Promotores (health and wellness champions) participate in the show as a way to expand their efforts to provide information and resources to the community.

The show is live on Wednesday from 11 am – 12 on Facebook, KBBF 89.1 FM and KWMR 90.5, 89.9, 92.3 FM

Cuerpo Corazón Comunidad es un programa semanal de radio y en línea en español presentado por la Dra. Sofía Guerra. El programa aborda una serie de temas relacionados con la salud y el bienestar personal, incluido el uso de sustancias, el manejo del estrés, la violencia doméstica, el trauma y otros temas relacionados. Los promotores comunitarios (campeones de salud y bienestar) participan en el programa como una forma de expandir sus esfuerzos para proporcionar información y recursos a la comunidad.

TAY Radio Marin

Amplifying Youth Voices.

Media can be a powerful tool for influence and social change. Never is that more apparent than in today’s media landscape where information meets us from every angle. Media shapes our thoughts and opinions about social issues and serves as a conduit to broader public discourse. Oftentimes, whoever has the microphone has the ability to impart knowledge and sway public opinion.

At the Multicultural Center of Marin, we believe that it is critical that all people participate in shaping the voice of media, especially our young people. Transitional age youth, those between ages 13 to 23, are at a critical time in their development to adulthood. They see the world from unique perspectives and have experiences that are important to share with our wider community.

That’s why we created TAY Radio (short for “Transitional Age Youth”). This broadcast media experience, transmitted weekly via FM radio and Facebook Live, lets young people learn the art of media while also talking about the issues that are important to them. Through TAY Radio, youth are bringing their concerns to the forefront of the community and influencing public policy through their on-air discussions and interviews.

To learn more, visit the TAY Radio Marin Facebook page.

Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead annual cultural festival

For 32 years, the traditions of Día de Los Muertos — Day of the Dead — have been honored and celebrated by community members of San Rafael and beyond. The celebration comes from the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of Meso and South America. Through the years it has been open to many spiritual influences of this ever-developing world and changing universe we live in.

The multicultural community of the Canal Neighborhood hosts an annual Día de Los Muertos celebration and welcomes residents and visitors to San Rafael to share in a grateful acknowledgment of the continuing ebb and flow of existence. The Multicultural Center of Marin is a co-organizer of the event and contributes to the goal of honoring the cultural assets of immigrant communities and sharing the cultural legacy of Latin American cultures with Marin residents.

Learn more about this year’s festival.