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San Rafael, California

Arts & Culture Coordinator

Job Title: Arts & Culture Coordinator

Reports to: Director of Programs

Classification: Part-time 20 hrs. a week

Compensation: $25 – $30 DOE

Job Summary:

MCM is dedicated to advancing a creative environment to promote diverse populations, especially indigenous and native arts and culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and community participation. Art is incorporated through all programs and services as a means to reaffirm and revitalize diverse populations.

The Arts and Culture Coordinator will coordinate and support all aspects of art and multicultural knowledge transfer within all MCM programs and work with other departments where applicable to ensure art and culture activities are appropriately incorporated. The Arts and Culture Coordinator will also be responsible for the creation of the art gallery and gift shop, contributing to the planning, execution, and coordination of all arts and multicultural events.

The Arts and Culture Coordinator will promote MCM while working in cooperation with individuals and organizations which support local artists and diverse cultures to create sustainable arts and culture programming for all the communities in Marin County.


  • Oversee and manage Arabella grants with MCM partner organizations through completion over 2023
  • Coordinate art projects for grant awards to MCM
  • Support, coordinate, and promote art and multicultural activities
  • Create classes and opportunities for youth & adults of all ages
  • Ensure equity and access to art education
  • Lead and plan the Annual Día de Los Muertos event
  • Multicultural Celebrations
  • Promote local native, indigenous, and artists of color
  • Create a database of artists of color in Marin County
  • Track progress and produce reports to fulfill grant requirements

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate all arts and cultural classes, events, and programs
  • Communicate consistently with partners about projects and programs and encourage the appropriate formation of partnerships.
  • Contributing to the planning and coordinating arts and multicultural community events, taking into account budget, facilities, personnel, purpose, appropriate promotion, and adequate social media and media coverage.
  • Leveraging partnerships to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial both diverse and culturally appropriate
  • Building and maintaining relationships with local artists for performances, programs, and events.
  • Coordinating Arabella mini-grants and funding agreements by ensuring the appropriate and timely spending of funds, and completion of work plans consistent with the grant and funding requirements.
  • Collaborating with various partners and or staff to ensure arts and culture is appropriately implemented in all MCM activities; including working towards implementing arts and culture as the focus of MCM’s art gallery and gift shop.
  • Reporting regularly on program activity and community events, evaluating outcomes, and providing recommendations on improvements.
  • Participating in research projects on issues related to the support of arts and culture projects and programs
  • Seeking out new opportunities to grow and advance the gallery art profile within the community.
  • Supporting all members of the arts and culture local community.
  • All other duties as required to ensure a collaborative work environment.

Core Skillset:

  • Artist or background in the arts
  • Teamwork
  • Event Planning & Logistics
  • Relationship building
  • Social Media experience
  • Diverse cultural knowledge
  • Classes facilitation and coordination
  • Leadership and coaching


  • Minimum 3-5 years in a similar role
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  • Awareness and/or involvement with the arts industry
  • Deep knowledge of native and indigenous art and culture
  • Exceptional coordination and management skills
  • Experience working with artists and supervising volunteers
  • Diploma and/or degree preferred

For more information, please contact: Brenda Camarena, Human Resources Manager

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