Youth & Family Empowerment

TAY Radio Marin 

Learn about media. Become the media.

Media can be a powerful tool for influence and social change. And never is that more apparent than in today’s media landscape where information meets us from every angle. Media shapes our thoughts and opinions about social issues and serves as a conduit to broader public discourse. Often times, whoever has the microphone has the ability to impart knowledge and sway public opinion.

At the Multicultural Center of Marin, we believe that it is critical that all people participate in shaping the voice of media, most especially our young people. Transitional age youth, those between ages 13 to 23, are at a critical time in their development to adulthood. They see the world from unique perspectives and have experiences that are important to share with our wider community.

That’s why we created TAY Radio (short for “Transitional Age Youth”). This broadcast media experience, transmitted weekly via FM radio and Facebook Live, lets young people learn the art of media while also talking about the issues that are important to them. Through TAY Radio, youth are bringing their concerns to the forefront of the community and influencing public policy through their on-air discussions and interviews.

To learn more, visit the TAY Radio Marin Facebook page.


Standing strong.

“I am here. I have a voice. I have something important to say.” This is the essence of what Presente stands for. At the Multicultural Center of Marin, we believe that our young people need to be acknowledged and their voices and perspectives should be lifted up. By engaging the youth of our community, we are laying the groundwork for their engagement with society as they grow and develop.  

Our Presente fellowship program provides opportunities for at-risk youth, ages 14 to 21, to develop leadership skills, participate in a variety of outdoor cultural and recreational activities, and explore their individual strengths and possible career paths.

Partners for Success

Working with young people and their families.

Young people, particularly those from immigrant or noncitizen families, are faced with a number of challenges as they seek to find their voice in today’s society.  Some may have run-ins with the law and find themselves in the juvenile justice system. There, they are often exposed to social isolation, marginalization, and separation from their families at a time when they need to be surrounded by community the most.

The Multicultural Center of Marin’s Partners for Success initiative mentors youth in conflict. Our program provides guidance to young people involved with the juvenile justice system, helping them build a path of success from the completion of their probation requirements to high school graduation, access to employment opportunities, and college entry. We do this in coordination and collaboration with staff from the Juvenile Division of the Probation Department of Marin and community partners.  

A key component to Partners for Success is our parent partner initiative, designed to meet the needs of young people in the context of their homes and families. We educate and empower parents, offering them tools and resources to work effectively with the juvenile detention, mental health, and health care systems. Our efforts are helping to create greater stability and quality of care for families and youth in Marin.