Youth & Family Empowerment


Standing strong.

“I am here. I have a voice. I have something important to say.” This is the essence of what Presente stands for. At the Multicultural Center of Marin, we believe that our young people need to be acknowledged and their voices and perspectives should be lifted up. By engaging the youth of our community, we are laying the groundwork for their engagement with society as they grow and develop.

Our Presente fellowship program provides opportunities for at-risk youth, ages 14 to 21, to develop leadership skills, participate in a variety of outdoor cultural and recreational activities, and explore their individual strengths and possible career paths.

Partners for Success

Working with young people and their families.

Young individuals, especially those hailing from immigrant or noncitizen backgrounds, encounter a multitude of obstacles when striving to find their voice within contemporary society. Some may find themselves entangled with the legal system, navigating the juvenile justice system, where they often face social isolation, marginalization, and separation from their families during a period when community support is paramount.

The Partners for Success initiative, spearheaded by the Multicultural Center of Marin, serves as a guiding light for youth entangled in conflicts. Our program offers mentorship and direction to young individuals entwined in the juvenile justice system, aiding them in crafting a path toward success—from fulfilling their probation requirements to graduating high school, accessing employment opportunities, and gaining entry to college. We accomplish this through close collaboration with staff from the Juvenile Division of the Probation Department of Marin and our community partners.

A pivotal element of the Partners for Success initiative is our parent-partner program, meticulously designed to address the needs of young individuals within the context of their homes and families. We educate and empower parents, equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to effectively engage with the juvenile detention, mental health, and healthcare systems. Our collective efforts are fostering increased stability and enhanced quality of care for families and young individuals throughout Marin.