Self Love

In this week’s show, we will be talking about some past information about Valentine’s day and its start. Join Santy Hernandes, Anali Reyes, and Javier Vicuna to talk about what are some observations of Valentine’s day and what we did that day.

We want to recognize that Valentine’s day is not only about giving appreciation to your partner. Valentine’s Day has been more recognized to show appreciation to your friends or family. Valentine’s day is fun to participate in by showing appreciation to your loved ones, but we should also show gratitude once in a while throughout the year when possible.

We will lastly talk about the meaning of Valentine’s day to us and how we take steps to love ourselves to love others. We believe self-love is first and is important for everyone to do. We hope you guys had a nice Valentine’s day, and remember to treat yourself once in a while.

We hope you guys are staying safe and are doing well. We appreciate you for listening and watching our show!

If you guys have any topics that you would like us to discuss, let us know.