2020 Unwind & Reflect

Happy New Year! On today’s show, Santy Hernandez and Anali Reyes will talk about TAY radio’s journey from the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2020. We are very excited to show our audience how our journey was this year! Its been a chaotic year for everyone, and through TAY, we can reflect on what we have learned this year despite the troubling times.

We want to give you guys recognition for being here with us at this moment. You came from a long way, and your ancestors would be proud. You guys have shown character development and perseverance just by being here. We are proud of you!

We will also want to reflect on our 2020 year as hosts and what we have learned personally through this year. We hope you guys would enjoy this show through a TAY timeline and reflections amongst the show’s hosts.

We hope you guys are staying safe and are doing well. We appreciate you for listening and watching our show!

If you guys have any topics that you would like us to discuss, let us know.