10,000 Degrees

10,000 degrees is a nonprofit organization that helps lead students, who are low-income to become college-ready. This is a local nonprofit organization, located in San Rafael. 10,000 degrees gets involve with students by having year-round mentoring, college planning and application, and more.

On this week’s show, join Anali Reyes, Santy Hernandez, and 10,000-degree guests to talk about what 10,000 degrees do and the different scholarships that they offer to students. We also want to be announcing when the deadlines are for applying in 10,000 degrees. As well as how they are responding to COVID-19 while still helping students. Our main goal for this show is to get out the word to anyone who didn’t know about 10,000 degrees, who are applicable to apply for help.

We will also be discussing how older people can help with this non-profit organization and get involved in their movement, “Become one degree of Change in your Community” (10,000 degrees).