Vanessa Guillen

On this week’s show, join Emmily Romero, Santy Hernandez, and Anali Reyes, to talk on Vannessa Guillen’s tragic death case. We want to share with you guys in detail what is Guillen’s movement and her tragic death case. 

Vannesa Guillen was a twenty-year-old U.S. army soldier who authorities believed she was killed by another U.S. soldier, Aaron David Robinson and was also sexually harassed by this man. Authorities also deem Vanessa Guillen’s killer death attack occurred in Fort Hood, Texas, on April 22, 2020.

On April 24th, Guillen was reported missing to the US Army Criminal Investigation Division. On July 6th, they confirmed the remains of her body near the Leon River. It took about two months and a half of investigation to discover what happened to Vanessa Guillen. 

During these past few weeks, the social platforms have been updating social media users about the case of Vanessa Guillen.  We will be discussing the updates we got on specific dates of what happened during those two months and a half of investigation. 

Even though they have found Vanessa Guillen’s body remains, the investigation is still not over. The motive of the killer is still under investigation. Vanessa’s family believes Robinson killed her to keep her from filing a sexual harassment complaint against him. Vanessa Guillen’s case is now known by a lot of social media users. Vannesa Guillen’s movement has sparked through the emotions of many human beings. Vannessa’s family is in pain and is very strong and brave to continue the progress and pushing for sexual harassment reform in the military.

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