Police Brutality

Tune in to Tay Radio Marin, a local youth talk show covering topics important in our lives. This week we are going to talk about a specific African American called George Floyd. He was one of the many who were killed by police brutality.

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This week’s show is an important and delicate topic. There has been a very disturbing video on social media of a group of police in Minneapolis that treated George Floyd inhumanely till a point of killing him. George Floyd was a mother’s son, a friend, a brother, and a co-worker. My team and I believe that there was no reason he needed to receive excessive force from the police.

There have been several protests this week on ending police brutality and we will follow that up in this week’s show. George Floyd is one of many African American victims who were killed by racist police officers. Protestants, activists, and our Tay radio team believe that this should stop happening and get the justice that many heart-broken African American families should at the most, receive.

A person does not get to choose how much melanin they want on their skin. Black lives MATTER.