Mothers Day Special

Tune in to Tay Radio Marin, a local Youth talk show covering topics important in our lives. This week we are acknowledging every mother out there that supports their children.

We upload on Facebook ( and go live on KWMR 90.5 FM every Friday at 4-4:30 pm. You can also follow us on Instagram (@tayradiomarin) for updates.

Join Em Romero, Gigi Gonzalez, Brandon Gomez, and Anali Reyes this Friday to appreciate all the mothers. We are talking about ALL the mothers from a maternal bond that doesn’t have to be biologically connected. We are also celebrating motherhood.

We will be discussing why mother’s day is in May. We will be appreciating our mothers and say what we do for Mother’s Day. We will talk about how mothers define motherhood. As well as present appreciations poems from sons and daughters to mothers. 

There is a lot more we will talk about, watch or listen to us live on Friday. We will love to thank all those hard-working mothers out there. Mothers who sacrificed a lot for their sons and daughters to have a decent living. As well as being patient and understanding.

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