Solange Echeverria

Office Managerr

I came here as a young child from Chile with my widowed Cuban mother and my three older siblings.

As the youngest child in an immigrant family, I took to heart the struggles my family faced being raised in an immigrant neighborhood by a single mother in New York City.

Her struggles with the cruelty of racism and sexism took their toll on her mental, physical, and spiritual health and I vowed in my youth to make things easier for others coming up behind me.

In my travels of life, I came to realize that the struggle of one is the struggle of all. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty are all connected-if we are to heal and move forward, we need to do it all together.

I raised my child with that conviction and I am very happy to share that commitment with the staff and community we serve here at the Multicultural Center of Marin.

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