Marco Berger

Advocacy & Civic Engagement Manager

Marco Berger has been involved in the Marin community for many years. He has engaged English Language Learner families in the public schools to be active leaders in the school systems and to advocate for their children. He has produced radio shows for Spanish speakers to provide information about children, parenting, wellness, and other topics. He has provided opportunities for families with limited access to engage in nature and environmental education. Currently, Marco is the Advocacy and Civic Engagement Manager at the Multicultural Center of Marin. He leads the Canal Community Resilience Council which, since 2019, has conducted regular meetings with community members and representatives from agencies and local government to address issues of concern to the community. Presently, Marco manages the Lifting Leaders program which supports our existing and emerging community leaders in developing skills to better advocate and represent their community. Some of the issues addressed are climate change, sea level rise, disaster preparedness, flooding and water quality issues, housing, access to resources, transportation, food security, and waste management.

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