Librado Garcia

Adult Justice Program Manager

At an early age, Librado was introduced into life in the streets, having been drawn into the overbearing gang community in his neighborhood. Drinking and using drugs was not only encouraged but nearly a necessity for this lifestyle. Finding his own recovery in his late twenties, Librado felt obliged to start giving back to those who struggled as he did.

Now working in the field of recovery, using his experience as part of his toolkit for service, Librado not only knows the struggles that people with addiction go through, but he also knows the path to recovery. He started working with homeless residents, providing free meals to the people that are still in their addiction, and trying to find help. He currently works as a Case Manager/Recovery Coach for MCM in partnership with Marin County Health and Human Services to help individuals transition back into their communities after jail. Librado enjoys raising his young daughter.

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