Managing Money

Please tune in to Tay Radio Marin, a local youth talk show covering important topics that affect our lives and raising awareness to our youth audience. 

We upload on Facebook and Youtube at TAYRADIOMARIN, live every Friday at 4 pm.

On this week’s show, our hosts, Santy and Kimberley, will be joining our guest, Andres Hernandez, who has partnered with us with our giveaway! Andres owns a business and is delighted to share his entrepreneurial experience as a youth. 

If you have been thinking about starting a business or learning more about how to manage your money, we recommend tuning in with our show this week. We will be reflecting upon what is being taught in school relating to finances and managing money. 

Also how to get the best benefit when you are working and earning money. As well as getting more opportunities and creating a cash flow. We will be mentioning some other terms like cash secrets that we know can benefit our audience.

With all this information that we will be giving out, we will be asking questions to Andres Hernandez on his business and how he planned and took action for his business.