Health & Car Insurance

On this week’s show, join our hosts, Anali Reyes and Javier Vicuna to talk about health and car insurance. We will be answering most questions young adults have when they apply for health insurance or car insurance.

We want this show to be informative for youth transitioning to adults. We think it is important to be informed so when the time comes to apply to these insurances, it can be smooth and less stressful.

At the beginning of the show, we will be giving two examples of car insurance that have some benefits for teenagers and young adults. We will also give scenarios of why car insurance is important and what does most car insurance covers.

Later in the show, we will be talking about what is health insurance. We will also be giving two examples of health insurance and how you can apply for it. As well as all the details about what each health insurance covers from the two examples given.

Lastly, we will be answering some of your questions regarding insurance. We hope to see you this Friday!