Indigenous Healing Center

On this week’s show, join our hosts, Santy Hernandez and Kimberley Escobar, with our special guest, Luna Hernandez, to talk about the indigenous day.

We hope you can join us to learn more about Native Americans’ history and culture. Indigenous People’s Day is on Columbus day, so we will be talking about why Columbus Day is not celebrated for some people in some states in the United States.

We will be seeing to some extent, a perspective of a Native American from Luna Hernandez, who has a good knowledge of Native Americans’ culture and history. We will be seeing what is the significance of Indigenous People’s Day. 

Later on, in the show, our hosts will be asking Luna how she is involved in the indigenous community and why is it important for her. As well, as, what does she value in the indigenous culture. Our last question of the show for Luna will be what advice can she give to those who have indigenous backgrounds and want to learn more about their roots.