Staying Healthy!

On this week’s show, we have our hosts, Kimberley Escobar, and Santy Hernandez, who will talk about different ways, youth can continue to stay healthy. 

Our host will be telling us more about their routine of the day that gets them energized and ready to conquer their day! And to be completely honest, there will be some days where they are tired but that is also normal! We all need at least a day to rest.

Our hosts will also be recommending what gyms our youth should go to, that can be affordable for them! Later on, in the show, our hosts will be talking about nutrition! This is really important because we need to fuel our bodies correctly, to feel good and energized.

Some foods can make us feel fatigued throughout the day, like high caffeine drinks! So keep an eye on what you are eating or drinking! We can definitely eat the foods that make us fatigue, but we need to keep a balance in order for our health to be stable!