Back to School

This week we will first be discussed with two of our hosts, Kimberly Escobar and Anali Reyes, who went back to school. We will be asking about their experiences of their first week and if the schools are going hybrid or fully virtual or fully in-person. We will also be giving advice to our youth audience who will be going to college or in high school soon in-person and/or virtually.

Next, we will be having a resource counselor from Marin City Empowerment Clubhouse, whom we will be talking more about their community mental health organization. We will be informing our audience about what they offer for youth and adults for free! They are known to help youth and adults who have a mental health disorder and have employment programs.

We hope this show can reach those who really need the resources that are free in Marin County and also youth who need advice going back to school! If you want to check out the website of Marin City Empowerment Clubhouse!