This Friday we will have our guest, Rene Mirando, who is the professor for PRESENTE. PRESENTE is an internship for youth to learn more about their culture and more!

We are delighted to have Rene Mirando introduce himself to the audience and share a little bit about who he is in PRESENTE and what he does other than PRESENTE.

Anali Reyes, Santy Hernandez, and Kimberly Escobar, are all PRESENTE alumni. So it is awesome that they will share their thoughts and experience of PRESENTE with Rene Mirando. PRESENTE starts around when school starts and is on a semester basis. We wanted this show to be an opportunity for young minority students and adults to hear more about this internship so youth can join or apply!

On the show we will be asking when the date and the time for the internship begins, and what do youth do in the internships. We will be asking for more information and we invite you guys to watch live to ask your question on Youtube or Facebook at 4 pm this Friday!

As always, thank you for watching and supporting our show! If you guys have any suggested topics to discuss, let us know on Facebook or on Instagram at TAYRADIOMARIN.