Facing Our Challenges

In this week’s show, our hosts are Javier Vicuna, Santy Hernandez, Anali Reyes, and Kimberly Escobar!

Make sure you tune in on this Friday where we will be talking about barriers in our life that we thought were challenging to overcome but we were able to get through!

We wanted our audience to know more about us, the hosts! Speaking of hosts, we will have our new host in our TAY team introduce themselves on this week’s show!

We are excited for our audience, YOU GUYS, to see our new team member and get to know her! We loved hearing the feedback from previous shows and we really enjoyed having discussions about our lives that you guys can relate to!

We hope this show can bring a stronger connection between us. As well as encourage you to overcome your fears, learn from your experience and reflect upon the events that lead you to who you are NOW.