Gabriel Giacoppa

We have a very excited youth guest, Gabriel Giacoppo, who loves to make music. In the past, he has released some songs and we are really excited to play his new song, Unspoken Rules, on this week’s show!

We will be talking about his music journey with him through Zoom. We will be asking him general questions like, how did he start his music career and what is his goal with music. In the first half of the show, we will be getting to learn more about when he created his music, and then in the second half we will be discussing more his schoolwork and balancing time to do what he loves. 

Gabriel Giacoppo is a college student, so we imagine that it is important to manage time to make more music. We will be asking how he started pursuing what he loves and any advice for youth music artists, and more! If you are interested in watching our show this week, you can watch us this Friday on Youtube or Facebook live at 4 pm or watch our show through Instagram when it is uploaded!