Water Drought

On this week’s show, we wanted to talk about the water drought in California that has been happening for years now. Recently we have heard from the local news that it is recommended for people who live in the Bay Area to reduce the use of water. Including that there are state and local water agencies that are now considering increasing restrictions in order to conserve water.

You guys may be wondering when and how the drought started. We will be discussing and answering the questions you may have that we have learned through research. 

We will include information about Marin water limitation, the Bay Area water restrictions, and before and now water percentages in our local lakes and rivers.

As youth, we want the best environment for our community so we will give ideas on how we can all save water and we will share what we personally do to save water. We hope you guys are willing to learn and take action on what is happening in our community! 

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