Marin County Bike Coalition

Join Javier Vicuna and Santy Hernandez, with our guest, Matt Farber to talk about Cory’s Ride Program! We are delighted to talk about this program because teenagers are able to learn bike safety and even earn a FREE bike! This is a really good opportunity that teenagers would not want to miss!

Before we talk about the program, we will be introducing Matt Farber.

We will be asking what is the age range of the program, if the program is on zoom or in person, and more details of how people can join this program. We encourage you to watch the show if you would like more information about it. If we didn’t answer your question, you can contact them on their page at 

Later on in the show, we will be talking more about Farber’s experience with bicycling and turning his passion into a career. As well as giving advice and tips to our youth audience who are interested in beginning to ride bikes on the road!

Cory’s Ride Program Website