Currently, students in high school are taking their finals or AP Exams soon. They are probably stressed out because it has been a hard year to concentrate and focus on school during a pandemic. Other students are really unmotivated to turn in missing assignments and doing homework since it is almost the end of the school year.

The show will consist of us, Anali Reyes, Javier Vicuna, and Santy Hernandez, mentioning how to release stress, how to get motivated, and be in a “finish strong” mentality. Towards the end of the show, we will be sharing our past experience with dealing with stress and unmotivated and how we dealt with it. 

We hope sharing information will help those students who need advice or tips on how to handle these feelings. It will be a follow-up from our previous show on mental health since we will be talking about how students can take care of themselves mentally and physically so they can complete this school career strong. 

As always, thank you for watching and supporting our show! If you guys have any suggested topics to discuss, let us know on Facebook or on Instagram.