Stop AAPI Hate

On this week’s show, join Anali Reyes, Santy Hernandez, Javier Vicuna, and our special guest, Min, to talk about the hate crimes that are rising in our communities.

On the show, we will be introducing Min, who in the past was a co-host for TAY Radio. We want the show to start with information that has been currently happening to the AAPI community and finish the show by talking with Min about her perspective of being an Asian.

Santy will be discussing the current crimes in the United States related to anti-Asian racism that is rising. Anali will also mention the discrimination that has been happening in the past. In our U.S. history, we have the Chinese exclusion act and the executive order 9066 that showed discrimination against the Asian community. Javier will be discussing the rally that happened in Marin to support the AAPI community. He certainly is proud of Nhan Pham, who spoke at the rally and is one of our co-workers at MCM.

Lastly, the hosts will talk with Min about her experience and how this situation is affecting her. We want our audience to get the perspective of an Asian person who is seeing all this hate. We hope you guys stay till the end to hear what Min, a young adult, has to say about these rising crimes.

Thank you for watching and supporting our show. We want our audience who are Asian to know that you are supported and loved. Have a good weekend everyone!

If you guys have any topics that you would like us to discuss, let us know.