Domestic Abuse

On this week’s show, we have a special guest, Gretszman Zabek, who is part of the MAYA program. MAYA stands for Marin against youth abuse. It is a program from the organization Center for Domestic Peace. We had C4DP on a show before explaining more about the organization.

Gretszman is going to be talking about when she joined MAYA and her experience in the program. She will also be explaining some warning signs of a bad relationship. When we identify these warnings, we can help a friend or family member who’s dealing with an abusive relationship. She will also be explaining some different interventions people can do to prevent someone from getting raped or experiencing abuse. It is encouraged to not be a bystander when you view some on who might be in danger if it is safe to do so. You can always ask for help from other people to intervene, like someone older.

Please join with our hosts, Santy Hernandez, Javier Vicuna, and Anali Reyes, with our guest, Gretszam to discuss and bring awareness of preventing domestic abuse.

On the show, we mentioned safety planning so the link is below: