Yinni DeLeon

Information & Referral Specialist

When Yinni arrived in Marin County, she was just 6 years old. She began her education at Venetia Valley and successfully graduated from San Rafael High School. While pursuing her studies at the College of Marin, Yinni also dedicated herself to full-time work. In 2010, she discovered a passion for volunteering at the Canal Welcome Center, becoming one of the pioneering volunteers on their team.

Yinni’s strong commitment to serving her vulnerable community, particularly in the face of food security challenges, was evident during her time at the food distribution events. Through her dedicated efforts, she formed meaningful relationships with the staff at MCM.

In 2023, Yinni’s exceptional contributions were recognized, and she was promoted to the role of MCM’s Information and Referral Specialist. As the first point of contact for clients seeking services, Yinni plays a vital role in providing assistance at the office. Additionally, she continues to support the MCM Food Pantry as an assistant.

Taking on further responsibilities, Yinni has assumed leadership of the Youth for Change and Community Service program. Her dedication and passion drive her to seek ways to support her community in any way possible. Yinni’s unwavering commitment to making a positive impact remains a cornerstone of her aspirations.

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