Sabrina Ferreira-Clifton

Arts, Culture & Media Coordinator

Rapid Response Coordinator

In the last few years, Sabrina has worked on issues of immigrant justice, indigenous sovereignty, climate justice, and community empowerment. Through volunteering with Faith in Action at the US-Mexican border, as a bilingual dispatcher for Marin Rapid Response Network, on Native Hawaiian farms, with local conservation organizations, and at local Bay Area Pow Wows, Sabrina has gotten to see first-hand the effects of our complex long-standing oppressive systems here in the United States.

Having been a camp counselor, a university resident advisor, and an older sister, she has learned how crucial education and community are in a child’s development.

Through her time with the Marin Community Foundation and the Multicultural Center of Marin, Sabrina has developed a better understanding of local actions she can take to improve the lives of those in Marin County who are most underserved and underrepresented and she is committed to doing what she can. 

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