connecting underserved communities

Resource Opportunity & Service Market



A monthly market place gathering of nonprofit and government agencies to share resources, opportunities and service offerings to benefit Marin County’s vulnerable and underserved communities and its residents. ROSM is a form of inter-agency and multi-disciplinary method of Outreach and Engagement activity.


The purpose of ROSM is to create space for nonprofit and government agencies to network and build collaborative relationships by informing, educating, sharing and promoting their agencies’ resources, opportunities and services that benefit Marin County’s vulnerable and underserved communities and its residents.


Aims to:

Enhance Outreach

enhance Outreach and Engagement efforts, activities and experiences by agencies to effectively reach vulnerable and underserved communities and residents

Collaborative Partnerships

Develop and maintain positive working and collaborative partnerships through relationship building and networking.

Resource Sharing

Increase communication and information sharing on the wealth of resources, opportunities, and services that are available to the community at large.

What Drives Us

Principles & Values

Networking, knowledge sharing, and positive collaborative relationships to enhance outreach and engagement efforts of nonprofit and government agencies.

Informing collaborative partners about each other’s offered resources, opportunities, and services by having positive and collaborative working relationships is an effective method of outreach and engagement activities.

Inter-disciplinary positive professional working and collaborative relationships benefit vulnerable and underserved communities by improved access to resources, opportunities, and services.

A robust networking and information/knowledge-sharing system among nonprofit and government agencies can create an efficient and positive experience for vulnerable and underserved communities to access resources, opportunities, and services.

Who is ROSM for?

ROSM is open to any nonprofit and local government agencies to announce, inform and promote their resources, opportunities and services among other organizations that provide resources, opportunities and services to vulnerable and underserved residents of Marin County.

Can I present or announce resources?

Yes. Please limit your presentation or announcements to no more than five (5) minutes or less. The primary objective of these monthly marketplace gatherings is to network and develop/maintain/strengthen working partnerships/collaborations through dialogue and relationship-building conversations. This method has proven to be an effective form of Outreach and Engagement activity if provided adequate time to meet, and adequate space and place to gather.

How will these 2-hour gatherings be structured?
The first hour of the monthly gatherings will be devoted for agencies to inform and/or promote their resources, opportunities and services to an audience of other agency representatives. The second hour will be devoted for agency representatives to simply have the time to network individually with others who are in attendance.
Can I share materials without attending?

No. ROSM is about relationship building as a method of conducting an outreach and engagement activity. You are the face, voice and representative of your agency and its resources, opportunities and services. ROSM highly encourages an actual name, face, voice and contact information to any and all promotional materials that are attached to the agency’s resources, opportunities and services. This is possible when you are physically present and available to answer questions and/or to help navigate or access your agency’s resources, opportunities and services.

Are there training opportunities?
No. Due to the limited time that ROSM will provide, it will only be a gathering where people can be identified or referred to, to provide information about training opportunities and educational presentations on subject matters.

Upcoming Events

2nd Friday of Every Month

11am – 1pm

Location: Multicultural Center of Marin (MCM)
709 5th Ave (corner of Tamalpais), San Rafael, CA 94901


If you have further questions please feel free to reach out!