To Our Community

The San Rafael Police have said that the outrageous assault on “Mateo” is not who they are. The Multicultural Center of Marin strongly disagrees with this statement. This is indicative of a culture that allows for police brutality and allows for harm to come to the very people the “police” are supposed to protect. We are not safer because of what happened. This just highlights how unsafe we are.

This atrocious act is unique only because it was caught on video.

Thank you to the San Rafael City Council for demanding an independent investigation. To the San Rafael City Council, you must establish citizen oversight over the police department based on what the community tells you they need to see. Finally, you must demand that all officers and enablers face criminal prosecution either from our DA or the State Attorney General.

The inclination may be to think about how we “heal” from this incident. We would like to suggest that only with accountability and action, THEN healing can happen. Without it, it’s just another empty listening session where nothing changes.

To all of the policymakers, elected officials, and investigators – be just as bold in your disgust with what happened as Officer Nail was bold with his assault on “Mateo.” Do not shy away from conflict. Take responsibility. Use your powers and establish systems of accountability that show us that you will not tolerate this kind of behavior. Then we will trust you enough to heal.

– MCM Board of Directors