TechnologyThe On It FoundationFree Computers
SpanishThe Spanish Experiment-Well-known children's stories translated into Spanish.
-Online Beginner Spanish Lessons with Audio
ScienceCK-12 Foundation-Track and monitor progress
-Includes informational texts that can be assigned to students
-Some subject areas include video lessons and practice prompts/ problems
ScienceScience Kids-Science Experiments kids can do at home
ScienceMommy Poppins- Fun science experiments for kids using household stuff
ScienceMystery ScienceK-5 Science Lessons
ScienceScience Education for Public Understanding Program- Middle School Science
ScienceWhy-Wash-Your-Hands Experiment-Science Experiment kids can do at home
PEGoNoodle- Guided dance and physical activities students can do inside
Math, Science, Reading¡Colorin Colorado!- Free research-based information, activities, and advice to parents.
MathCK-12 Foundation- Add students to track and monitor progress.
- Includes student assignments.
- Includes video lessons and practice prompts/ problems
MathKhan Academy- Grade level specific videos and lessons
- Quizzes and assessments available on platform
- Can create different versions of tests and quizzes for each student
MathSFUSD Interactive Lessons-Includes both elementary (k-5) and secondary math lessons.
MathKhan Academy KidsK-3
Mathi-Ready-Printable math packets by topic and grade level.
MathBrain Pop- Videos on specific topics for math
- Quizzes and games for each topic
MathMath Antics- YouTube videos organized by topic.
MathPS321MATH- Many games and flashcards for k-12
Foreign LanguageDuolingo-Learn a language for free.
-93 courses in 23 languages
English Language Artsi-Ready-Printable reading packets grade level
English Language ArtsMind Heart- Many books in Spanish
English Language ArtsStory Online- Books read by celebrities.
CodingCrunch Zilla-Game/Intro to coding
Art- Art videos and downloadable activities.
All SubjectsPBS Digital Resources for Bilingual Learners Grades PreK-5Short videos, lessons, and interactive games.
All SubjectsNational Geographic Kids
All SubjectsStudent Take Home Packet- Kindergarten packet - English and Spanish instructions
All SubjectsTechademia- Various free online learning resources.
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