Gabby Aragon

Office Manager / Bookkeeper

Gabby was born in Mexico City and immigrated to the US when she was three years old and grew up in the Canal Area in Marin County. At a young age, Gabby knew she wanted to give back and work with the immigrant community and started her career in the nonprofit field. In the past twenty years, Gabby’s career has led her to work as a family advocate, immigration paralegal, and case manager for domestic violence survivors, and is now bringing her work experience to the Multicultural Center of Marin.

In the past, Gabby has also been involved with youth radio in Marin and had a career in the communications industry. Gabby’s future goal is to continue to connect MCM’s TAY radio youth to the major radio stations so that they continue to reach their dreams in a competitive industry. Outside of serving the community, Gabby enjoys traveling, hiking, listening to music, and Djing.

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