Sexual Health Awareness

Join us on this week’s show, where we will be giving out sexual health resources for youth. We will talk about different clinics that give professional advice and clinical results if people want to get tested for STIs, HIV, and also pregnancy tests.

We will be mentioning services that local clinics, like Novato Teen Clinic and Huckleberry Youth Clinic, offers. Since they are professional medical organizations, they do offer confidential services.

The main goal is to have everyone be safe and informed! Consent is a big part of sexual health. We will be talking about what is consent and what is not. Also sharing what is the use of condoms and birth control, and why getting tested is important.

It can be intimidating for some people to ask their partners if they have been tested before being sexually active with them. So, we will be discussing how they can approach their partner if they have been tested for STIs.

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