Stay at Home Activities

On Friday’s show, we will be talking about different ideas on how to have a fun and productive break during a stay at home order. There is a recent stay at home order starting December 8th, where there will be restrictions put in place back again. People will only be allowed to go outside for necessary situations and emergencies. 

Restaurants will do takeout, going to public parks are prohibited and private gathering from anyone that is not from your household is prohibited as well. The stay at home order will last until at least January 4th.

Since the lockdown is lasting through the winter break, we will be mentioning some activities you guys could do at home during the winter break. It will mostly be crafty and educative activities. We want everyone to have a safe and fun break so we hope this coming Friday’s show would motivate or inspire you to do something you are passionate about.

If you guys have any topics that you would like us to discuss, let us know.