Financial Aid & Scholarships

This Friday show, we will be discussing some scholarships out now for applicants to apply, specifically students applying as freshman undergrad for next year. We want to allow our youth audience to hear some of the scholarships that we have looked up, and we think it could greatly benefit those who need the money.

We believe that it is always best to apply to these scholarships because you never know if you will earn the scholarship. We will also talk about the different types of loans if some of our audience have not heard of this.

We know a 4-yr college may sound daunting, but community colleges can also support students who want to take a different route in their educational path. Later in the show, we will discuss some benefits of attending a community college.

 So we encourage our future college students to listen to Santy Hernandez, Min Soon, and Anali Reyes on this show for more information about the different types of scholarships out there!