Novato Teen Clinic

Tune in to Tay Radio Marin, a local youth talk show covering topics that are important in our lives and raising awareness to our youth audience. This week we will be talking about what is Novato Teen Clinic and what do they do.

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Novato teen clinic offers free services for teens and they are located next to the Marin Community Clinic at Novato. 

Our guests, Alyssa Talbott and Katelyn Hackett are really excited to be on this week’s show. Alyssa Talbott attended UCLA and is now a Peer Health Promoter at the Novato Teen Clinic. Katelyn Hackett Graduated from Humboldt State University. Katelyn Hackett is currently working as a reproductive health educator and a coordinator for the Peer Health Promoter’s volunteer program. On the show, we will know why they choose their job and what do they like about it. 

On this week’s show, join Emily Romero, Anali Reyes, and Novato teen guests who will also talk about what does the teen clinic specifically provide, what time does the clinic usually open. As well as what is confidential and what is not. In addition, if there are virtual or in-person appointments and how you can contact them to make an appointment.

The Novato teen clinic cares about their patients and we also care about our youth. We hope this show will help you be more informed of the free services that our youth can take advantage of. 

There is a lot more we will talk about, we will see you at our next show, Friday afternoon!

If you guys have any topics that you would like us to discuss let us know.  

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