Coronavirus Resources

Virtual Healing Circle / Círculo Virtual de Sanación

Tools for coping, healing, and thriving.
Herramientas para afrontar, sanar y prosperar.
with/con Dr. Cío Hernández & Barbara Clifton Zarate, MPH

Coronavirus Town Hall

Congressman Jared Huffman Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall – March 24, 2020
Programming from Marin TV, produced at the Community Media Center of Marin.

Center for Domestic Peace

Center for Domestic Peace

Protecting our Shoreline

Working with community leaders.

Sea level rise and impacts on our community

Multicultural Marin's team

Marin Rapid Response GoFundMe Drive

The latest tweet by President Trump vowing to initiate mass immigration arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) exacerbates the real and perceived impacts this would have on our immigrant families in Marin County.

Please donate to our GoFundMe campaign so we can continue our work. With your generous donation, you will directly assist in the functioning of the Marin Rapid Respond Network and continued service to our immigrant community in Marin.

Food Distribution Project

Multicultural Center of Marin in partnership with the San Francisco / Marin Food Bank, distribute fresh produce, protein, and shelf-stable items for anyone in need.

Come visit us every Saturday,

24 Belvedere St. San Rafael, CA 94901 ~ 9:00 am  10:30 am

At the Multicultural Center of Marin, we celebrate the cultural wisdom that is inherent in our people and our communities. Through trainings, mentorship, collaboration, and community organizing, we provide the pathways and opportunities for people of our diverse communities to come together in strength, that they may become a wellspring for creating positive, community-rooted solutions throughout Marin County.

Youth and Family Empowerment

We provide pathways for leadership development, personal growth, and healthy self-expression for young people and their families.

Community Resilience

We harness the wisdom and the resources inherent in our communities to mobilize and coordinate support efforts that strengthen well-being.

Arts, Culture, and Media

We embrace the cultural gifts inherent in our people and foster opportunities to celebrate cultural identity and experience through a variety of expressions.

We welcome you to contact us.