Coronavirus Resources

Cuerpo Corazon Comunidad

Douglas Mundo and guests will be discussing the issues of Coronavirus and how to access resources during this crisis.

Douglas Mundo e invitados discutirán los problemas de Coronavirus y cómo acceder a los recursos durante esta crisis.

Coronavirus Town Hall

Congressman Jared Huffman Coronavirus Virtual Town Hall – March 24, 2020
Programming from Marin TV, produced at the Community Media Center of Marin.

Food Distribution Project

Multicultural Center of Marin in partnership with the San Francisco / Marin Food Bank, distribute fresh produce, protein, and shelf-stable items for anyone in need.

Come visit us every Saturday, Pre-packaged drive thru

24 Belvedere St. San Rafael, CA 94901 ~ 8:30 am – 10:40 am

Youth and Family Empowerment

We provide pathways for leadership development, personal growth, and healthy self-expression for young people and their families.

Community Resilience

We harness the wisdom and the resources inherent in our communities to mobilize and coordinate support efforts that strengthen well-being.

Arts, Culture, & Media

We embrace the cultural gifts inherent in our people and foster opportunities to celebrate cultural identity and experience through a variety of expressions.

We welcome you to contact us.